Cleaning up pretty nicely!

The song goes:  "the ol' gray mare....she ain't what she used to be."  Truer words could never be spoken!!  Since Mark had to work on Memorial Day, I didn't want a day off work to go to waste.  I decided I was going to start washing the outside of the 'Stream.  I even convinced my mom to help!  The plan was for her to hold the ladder, but we never could find one in the barn.  Then, the hose that we were using wouldn't reach to the other side of the trailer.  (Story of my life!!)  Sooooo, we washed as far as we could reach standing on tip toes, and only got one side.  BUT.  The good news is that it looks completely different.  As we washed it, the gunk & grime just came right off.  Just a little elbow grease was all that was needed.  The top of the trailer may be a different story, but I'm so happy with how clean she looks now!!!  Here are some iphone pictures of our progress:
The most amazing transformation...right before our eyes!

As you can see, we cleaned as far up as possible!

Just look at that reflection!


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