Refrigerator & sink removal

This weekend's accomplishment was the removal of the refrigerator and the sink & countertop.  The refrigerator section was quite difficult.  Hidden screws, hidden nails, brittle name it.  We tried desperately to remove it in one piece, but that didn't happen once things started splintering on their own.  We were able to get everything out, and we're saving it for template use at this point (hopefully).  I've also located someone in Georgia who does vintage appliance restoration. Photos of the refrigerator and stove have been sent....waiting to see how much this will cost.  Will we need to forget about restoring and just go new???  It will all depend on cost.  I'm also including a photo of the section where the gaucho was removed.
The countertop and sink weren't tooooo difficult.  We did leave the stove for next week's adventure.  Fingers crossed that next week we get the stove removed, the tanks that were under one of the twin beds, and the bathroom completely gutted.  There will be no recovery of the tank or bathroom items for sure.  They will be in the trash pile!

Refrigerator is now gone...
Missing gaucho

Sink & countertop removed

side of the rounded cabinets are now visible.

Our pile of removed parts & pieces