Making progress...

Can I just tell you how much I love this color??
Let the dirty work begin!!  As soon as I got off work on Friday afternoon, we headed to the Airstream to being removing everything.  We knew this was going to take some time.  We have different work schedules, so the weekends are going to be our only opportunities to do work.  On Friday, we were able to remove the couch (known as the gaucho), anything that wasn't nailed down (mattresses, cushions, curtain rods) then we started on some light fixtures.  And guess what?!!!  Upon removing the couch, we found a couple of mice living in the storage drawers.  Not really a surprise based on the amount of mouse poop, BUT.....we were hoping there wouldn't be any creatures still inhabiting the 'Stream.  Oh well...we threw it out and fingers crossed that it doesn't find it's way back.  We removed all the kitchen drawers, all the drawers for storage under the beds and cleared everything out from under the sink.

We also worked on Sunday afternoon & we were able to remove both of the twin bed frames and figured out how the refrigerator is attached.  We also started removing the cabinet doors in the kitchen. Mark was able to remove the air conditioning unit and huge heating system.  These were quite time consuming!!  Now I have a whole new reason to look forward to weekends.  Getting to work on the 'Stream!!!  Stay tuned for next week's adventures :)
A mouse in the house!

Doing work!
The tanks underneath one of the beds
Furnace gone....