Tackling the bathroom

We had a wonderful soul to help us with our continuation of removing everything this weekend.  Our dear friend, and fellow church member, Scott Huddleston actually volunteered to help us out!  No arm twisting, no begging!! But we did buy him lunch :)

Anyway, he was able to help Mark remove the stove, the tanks, the walls between the bed & bath and the entire bathroom.  The only thing left are two overhead cabinets....then the 'Stream will be completely gutted.  The tanks were a beast....as was the left side wall between the bed area and the bathroom (actually the shower wall).  But, thanks to Scott's help, it was done!  We also learned that two grown men of substantial weight can NOT be in the back of the trailer at the same time!!!!  Yikes....that was kinda scary.  Thankfully it didn't fall off the blocks and roll over.....

Stove is gone!

Scott helping out

Check out these old school fuses

Bathroom is finally out.