Summer 2016 update

When things move slow, it's hard to get motivated to write a blog post.  For that I do apologize.  The wiring is complete, and now we've moved on to reinstalling the interior skins (walls).  Because of several new outlets that we had installed, each piece has to be measured for those outlets & switches.  So it can take some time to address even one piece.  In this photo, you'll see that we've got the front section of wall back in.

And in this photo, we're moving down the streetside wall of the trailer--headed to the rear--I caught Cliff working, unaware of the photo op:

I've also polished the outside of the trailer.....all but the front and rear end caps.  I can't reach those with my ladder.  But I'm liking the way it looks!  Remy says hi & thanks for stopping by!


  1. funny you are polishing before you have an interior..priorities!!

  2. Sometimes you have to do what motivates you.


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