Splish Splash, I was takin' a bath...

More washing this weekend.  Mark was working, so I asked Mom to help me do some more cleaning of the exterior.  Finally found the ladder and a little more hose!  We were able to clean up to the awning rail and the rear side.  I think one more trip to the farm, and she'll be completely washed.  I know I'm going about this a little bass-ackward, but Saturday was the first time I was able to lay eyes on the top.  Apparently the roof has been sealed with something that will need to be stripped eventually.  That is going to be QUITE an undertaking....one that we may enlist the help of the pros.  We'll see.  Including a photo of the lovely cicadas that have plagued us this summer.  At times, their song was deafening, almost maddening.  Thankfully they are dying off...but not without leaving behind some serious damage to my parent's blueberry bushes and some trees.
View of sealant vs non-sealed skin
Sealed roofline
Mom cleaning the window
Scrub a dub
A cling-on.  Ugly cicada on the ladder.