Daylight savings time saves the day!

Extra daylight=a super productive work day.  Cliff & Sara came over this afternoon and we worked on putting in two more pieces of flooring (the one at the door, and between the door and wheel well).  We cleaned off the old gasket on the roof vents, washed the screens for those vents, and addressed the rear end separation.
Admittedly, I didn't really know that the trailer had the dreaded rear end separation until I emailed Colin Hyde (with Colin Hyde Trailer Restorations in NY) to ask him why is my floor and C-channel not easily attached to my frame?  It seems like even though I put bolts in the floor and frame, I'm still seeing the frame relax away from the shell.  It was then that he gave me the diagnosis.  So, I invested in a cobalt bit and we were able to drill through the super duty steel that my brother-in-law had used to beef up the back of the frame last year.  We had success!!!!  Still a little bit more work to do back there, but better than before for sure.
I will be taking the trailer next week to Out of Doors Mart in Colfax to do a little bit of work that I just can't seem to get accomplished.
Cliff gettin' after a stray bolt on the frame

Sara snapping pics--can't remember if this was before or after I busted my knee on the frame

Hey there!