Elbow grease

Moved a few items from the farm over to my house this weekend.  Bed rail, kitchen cabinet, kitchen counter, the "walls" that create the doorway to the bathroom....I figured we might as well have them here for when we start planning the plumbing & electrical.
Of course, they have been stored in a barn for over a year, but they were pretty dirty to begin with.  I wiped them all down, but I knew the sink and counter top needed some extra attention.  I'm not completely sold that kitchen cabinet won't need to be replaced (it's a little worse that I remembered).  Even after hitting the counter tops with some cleaner and scrubbing pads, there were a few stains that lingered.  It may have to be replaced too.  But that sink....it's BEAUTIFUL!

Okay....let's do this!

A vast improvement

Ooo la la!