Home from Out of Doors Mart

Dropped the Airstream off at Out of Doors Mart in mid-March and went to pick it up this week.  I am so thankful to be this close to Airstream experts.  I took the trailer in to have a door knob installed, shocks installed, brakes wired, 7-way plug installed, gaskets on the access doors, rivets replaced in the front panel and the beginning steps of the belly pan in the front and rear.  Sometimes these pieces are referred to as "banana wraps" but not for the '57.  These are the pieces that I will use to attach the belly pan when the time comes.  However, when I drove the trailer down to Colfax in March, I lost a vent cover on Hwy 421, so now I'm looking at replacing that.  I ordered a fantastic vent from Vintage Trailer Supply so I guess I'll be looking at addressing that when it arrives.
New doorknob!  Don't ya just love my Junk Gypsy keychain? :)

Banana wrap in rear section

Banana wrap in front
Detail of banana wrap--view from below the trailer