Axle has arrived!

Our axle was delivered last week.  And while I sit here at the beach, on vacation, I can't help but be a little sad that I'm so far away from the wig wam and that it's been two weeks since we worked on it.  But, next weekend we'll be back at it!  'Til then, here's some pictures of the newest acquisition:
Shiny & new!


  1. Are you guys installing this yourselves?

  2. Well, yes and no. Yes, WE are meaning my brother-in-law is doing it. No, Mark & I are not :)

  3. Looks very cool this project. I am just starting a 1959 tradewind up here in Canada and looking at putting a new axle [complete] for safety etc. How did it go on, and was it a pain? and roughly how much does one cost if you don't mind me asking? Below a thousand? Trying to budget ours.

  4. Paul,
    We haven't gotten to that section of floor just yet, so I can't speak for the installation just yet :)
    We ordered ours from Colin Hyde Trailer Restorations in NY. It was about $800 which included shipping. Best of luck with your restoration!!!


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