Behold! The frame!

Temperatures in the 70s in August.  In North Carolina? Unbelievable, but super nice not to sweat immediately upon entering the aluminum oven, aka, the Airstream.  We headed out to work on the trailer Friday afternoon since Mark was off work on Friday.  (Makes me a happy girl!)  We tried to address the door knob, only to discover that the plate we bought to cover the existing hole wasn't big enough to rivet onto the door.  (So, we gotta get a patch for that hole, just to cover that up with a pretty plate).  We removed more interior skins.  But the biggest news of the weekend was the picture I got from my brother-in-law Saturday afternoon......BEHOLD.  THE.  FRAME! 
When he texted me this say that I squealed like a little girl would be an understatement.  Such a blessing to have someone who was willing to help us with the floor, even though this isn't a project he necessarily wanted to undertake :)
Now time to order some POR-15, get to sanding, and start pricing marine grade plywood.  Oh, and we need some new steps too....
Thanks Derek!  We owe ya :)