The floor removal begins....

Disclaimer--I have *no clue* how long this process will take.  This may very well entitle the next six months of progress, who knows??  I didn't get a chance to update the blog last week, but we did make it over to the 'Stream and take a load of unusable items to the landfill.  Scraps of wood, insulation, old pipes, mattresses, cushions, etc.  It was something that desperately needed to be done, as our pile of removed items is creating a snake den in the barn.
This week brought an opportunity to finally get the shower pan removed, one of the upper storage cabinets down, and the biggest feat: beginning the floor removal.  We removed the screws from the C-channel in the front part of the trailer.  Our hope is to remove that section first, therefore keeping the shell stable.  We are not trying to do a shell-off restore, we'll see how far this goes.  My dad helped us out with sawing up the first portion of the floor.  We were able to lay eyes on a small portion of the frame, it doesn't look too shabby, but could use some TLC.  A pretty bad storm came up while we started, so we had to cut it short.  Will be on vacation for a week, so we'll be back in full gear in a couple of weekends.
Shower GONE!!!!  *finally*

Upper storage cabinets removed

Getting my dad involved in the mayhem