If these walls could talk (or buzz)

This weekend's interesting find upon removing the remaining lower walls was a huuuuuuge wasp's nest.  Thankfully it had been vacated, but geez louise, that was a bit scary when the insulation was removed and you see THAT staring you in the face.

We were able to remove all the lowers skins except *one* little piece that was in the corner of the bathroom.  The shower base is still connected to the pipe under the trailer, and we don't have a pipe cutter, nor tin snips, nor a saws-all.  So, it remains.  As does that one piece of wall.  Needless to say, we were happy with our progress.  We won't be able to work on the 'stream for two weeks (bah!) but our next step will be removing the screws in the C-channel and removing the floor.  *fingers crossed*
wasps! well, they used to be there.

That *&^@# pesky shower floor.  And the one piece remains.


  1. eek! my 57 overlander had many, many wasps too. they must like aluminum as much as we do! -lauren b (njtonc)


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