Can you say "rusted & busted?"

Derek helping out with the floor removal & inspection of the rusted frame.

Maybe we should change the name from Wig Wam to Rust Bucket?? :)
We are known for doing everything bass-ackwards, and this project is not exempt from that mentality.  While we had initially planned to start from the front of the trailer & move to the back, upon further contemplation, we've now decided to start in the back & move forward.  So....with that being said, we took out the back floor this weekend.  It came out in bits and pieces, and to be honest, most of it was removed by hand because it was so rotten.  Because of all the rotten wood, the frame has obviously been exposed to much water and dampness over the past 50 years and has succumbed to the rust.  The main frame is not too bad, although there are spots that need to be strengthened, the cross beams were shot.  The one in the very back (under the window) wasn't even connected to the frame anymore, as you will see from the pictures below.  Looks like we have some welding work ahead!!!


  1. Wow! You've got a project there. Have you given any thought to sealing the bottom aluminum panels before a new floor goes in? And make sure that the steel angle iron is in good shape. Surface rust is OK. Scrape it, prime it, and then cover it up. You could put a coat of "battleship gray" over the primer. Check all the welds. If you know how to weld, replacing those frames should not be hard. New angle iron is relatively cheap. DON"T try to weld rust! All the iron is gone.

  2. Philip--when you say bottom aluminum panels are you talking about the belly pan or the exterior sides? We just dropped belly pan this weekend, so those will definitely be replaced. I personally don't know how to weld, but my brother-in-law does. We will be replacing those beams that are rusted out for certain.


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