Floor templates made, another window busted....

We had another couple of warm days blow in...literally.  The wind shattered one of my side windows.  This leads to one thing:  time to fix these window cranks.  I've put it off long enough.  I just ordered replacements from Vintage Trailer Supply less than an hour ago.  It will probably take it a little time to get here with the holidays and all, so we went ahead and taped all the windows down with aluminum tape.  I've had enough mishaps of my own making without needing mother nature's assistance, thank you very much!
On the other hand, we did get templates cut out for the front and rear floor.  My dad will hopefully saw the subfloor pieces tomorrow, and I plan to seal them with water sealant while I'm visiting him on Christmas day.
Speaking of Christmas, I wish all of you a wonderful holiday!!!  May your days be merry & bright!  Thanks for following along in our adventures :)