Dear ol' Dad helps in a major way

As noted by my prior posts, we've had some crazy weather here in NC over the last few days.  I was in a time crunch to try to clean, prep and paint the frame before some really cold weather settled in.  Last Thursday was 68 degrees, and Friday was forecast to be above 70.  My time frame looked something like this:  Mark was going to paint the frame around noon on Thursday, and I was going to put on the second coat when I got off work that afternoon.  Well, Thursday was not only rainy, it was extremely humid and the frame was sweating profusely.  There was no way we could paint it.  I was pretty sad because I figured Friday would be the same way.  But Friday was pretty blustery, therefore keeping the frame dry.  My dad was able to put on both coats Friday afternoon and I am soooo thankful for his help!  This means that the next step is putting the floor & insulation in those sections of the trailer.  Onward and upward!
Front end

Rear of trailer--looks pretty good!