It's like an oversized, upside down taco

Well, this past Saturday yielded only one thing.  The removal of the ceiling panel that runs almost the entire length of the Airstream.  We *finally* got that thing down.  It was nasty, it was not fun, but we got it done.  To get it out of the trailer, it needs to go out the back window.  While we did get the screen removed and the middle pieces of the frame down, we haven't quite tackled that job.  We decided to put it off until next weekend.  It was so hot & humid this past weekend that we couldn't handle it, and that big ol' upside down taco is gonna have to be rolled much tighter than what you see in the photos below:


  1. Can't roll it just enough to get it out the door? I think I remember someone at Airstream telling us that everything inside went in through the door. Ah!!! closer look shows why. You apparently don't want to" break" it into its smaller pieces.

    keep up the good work.


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