All interior skins are out!

We started this process of removing everything in the Airstream back in May.  As of Sat, Sept 7, we can officially say it is all removed.  Every item that was nailed down, riveted in, screwed in, glued in, and painted on is now gone.  Only working on Saturdays has been one of the reasons for taking so long, but then again, I'm pleased with what we've done and the time frame in which we accomplished it.  Could be worse, ya know?!  Now we begin the process of removing the floor and the belly pan.  We haven't exactly figured out which one we're going to tackle first....there are two schools of thought with this phase, and a lot of it will depend on how much my brother-in-law can assist us over the next few days.  We're going to be hitting some busy weekends over the next month, so there will be limited times of work days.  Either way, I hope to have the floor out and the frame painted before cold weather sets in.
Long ceiling panel making its way out the back window

Front end cap out--all interior skins removed!