Window work, part 1

Thanks to the help of my good friend, Al, we are starting the process of replacing the weatherstrip gasket of the windows.  I had replaced the glazing back in the winter....but this job is quite a bit more involved.  The gaskets are actually riveted in behind the window frame.  Because these gaskets are several decades old, they are brittle, cracked, and no longer serve its original purpose. 
While I had initially thought that maybe this was a job better handled by the Airstream folk, Al felt confident that we could tackle it together.  And that we did.  Using the rivet removal tool from Vintage Trailer Supply (which I had ordered a few weeks ago....and he had one as well), we were able to tag team two windows and get them removed.  Unfortunately the gasket I need is out of stock, but we're at least making progress!  It's nice to have friends to help me with this project.
Rivet Removal Tool--aka, the silencer :)

Drilled out buck rivets, holding in the old gasket

Boom.  *drops mic*