One step forward, two steps back

I had all intentions of installing our new drip cap/eyebrow on the front window last weekend.  I had in my head that the eyebrow was held on with screws....turns out it's gotta be riveted on.  Scratch that plan, because I don't have my buck rivet equipment yet...waiting on it to be shipped as we speak.
Let's move on to installing the door handle, shall we?  Well that sounds peachy keen until I get everything set out and realize I don't have the size drill bit that's required to install it.  Strike two.
Okay, let's finally get the back section of floor cut out.  Get one piece done, only to realize we don't have enough plywood to cut out the second piece.  Geez LOUISE. 
Okay, how about let's install these new window cranks that we bought?  Looking at the old windows, it appears that you need to have the new screen before you can install the cranks because they go on top of the screen.  Now I'm mad as a wet hen!!!
Sat down, made a list of *everything* that I need to get something accomplished on my next trip over to the trailer.  I have the bit.  I have the screen. I have the roller that installs the screen.  The buck rivet equipment is currently en route.  I have the rivet shaver tool waiting on me at Out of Doors Mart for pick up tomorrow to shave any Olympic rivets that we use.

Maybe the next trip will be productive???
.....kicks rocks.....