Baby, it's cold outside

Temps in the teens/twenties at night, highs only in the 30s during the day.  That is the forecast for this week.  I still need to wash & prep the frame before applying the POR 15, but that can only be applied in temps above 52 degrees.  Not only am I waiting on warmer temps, but I'm waiting on my brother-in-law to have a chance to do the welding that needs to be done before I can paint the frame.  Until further notice ladies & gents, we are on hold with any progress.

The good news is that I *did* get new glass put in the two windows that we broke so THAT'S a bit of progress, right??  The one window where we bent the frame? Well the guy at the glass place worked for two hours to get it straightened out to be able to hold the glass, so I'm thankful for his hard work & efforts.  I won't get a chance to put it in the trailer until later this week, so that will be the true test.  Until then, I ordered some buck rivets to replace those outside pop rivets (a BIG no no) and a new window crank to see if they'll work better than the old ones that are defunct.  I just ordered one in case they don't work properly.  If they get the job done, then I'll be ordering more.

I'll be heading back over to the wig wam on Thursday--until then, I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving!!!!!